“KOTI” は、フィンランド語で”故郷”を意味する言葉。
東京都墨田区亀沢1-12-10 平井ビル1F
TEL 070-6986-0708
営業時間 10:00~18:00
定休日 無休(年末年始を除く)

“MERIKOTI” is the meaning of “home of MERI” in Finnish.
We opened a studio shop of MERI born from knit to Tokyo
knit localities. You will be able to experience it by
participating in workshops of The “travelling footwear”.
1F 1-12-10 Kamezawa Sumida-ku Tokyo #130-0014 JAPAN
TEL +81 70-6986-0708
OPEN 10:00~18:00
7days a week ※Excluding New Year’s holidays