“KOTI” は、フィンランド語で”故郷”を意味する言葉。

東京都墨田区亀沢1-12-10 平井ビル1F
TEL 070-6986-0708
営業時間 10:00~18:00
定休日 月曜日 ※月曜が祝日の場合は営業

Merikoti means “home of Meri” in Finnish. Meri is derived from the word meriyasu (knitted fabric). This studio/shop specializes in knitted footwear. Workshops are also held in the space, so you have the chance to make your own footwear.

1F 1-12-10 Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0014 Japan
TEL +81 70-6986-0708
OPEN 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Closed on Mondays *Open if Monday is a public holiday