Merikoti Gallery – TAKt Sato

ニットブランドTAKt の作品をご紹介致します。





会期 2019年4月9日(火)から4月22日(月)

時間 10時~18時 ※最終日は17時まで

Merikoti Gallery – TAKt Sato

This exhibition is being held to introduce the world to the new knitted accessory brand TAKt. To celebrate the “birth” of this brand, theme of this exhibition is “ubu-gi” (clothes for newborn babies).

The focus of TAKt’s first collection is blankets with traditional Japanese patterns, which are available for purchase during the exhibition.

Come and feel these beautiful blankets for yourself!

The exhibition is being held from Tuesday, April 9th to Monday, April 22nd, 10:00 AM-6:00 PM (until 5:00 PM on the final day)